Dekor Çini

Since 1971, our company has activity on tile and ceramic sector. The founder of our company is our father Tahir Uluğ.

We, his sons, Ferit and Geylan Uluğ, are working for continuation of our ancestors art and carrying on to the next generation with our own capital and know-how to inhabit our Kütahya's ancestors' art and also to have a contribution to our countries economy.

As Dekor Çini, our goal is to have a place in this global world and to advertise our art. On this way we want to increase our steps and in a short period of time, we beleive that we will achieve on our goal. We continually increase our product range every year.

Not only the nostalgic and historical decals, but also we present the special creations combined with modern lines of today to your enjoyment.

Hope you will enjoy.